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    Welcome to the website of The Prevention Social Worker. This website seeks to test the following theory.  When enough people know about this website and understand the importance of the theory of prevention, that people who are fortunate to have remarkable wealth will step forward to make a significant difference in the lives of the masses.  Each person is connected to another person through six layers of separation.  The internet and the brief but meaningful education contained in this website can easily bring those six layers one step closer so that prevention of social problems will be the norm with far fewer people enduring tremendous pain and the vast majority of people realizing their true potential.

    MISSION:  The Prevention Social Worker seeks to connect highly-effective and efficient prevention programs with wealthy individuals so that these prevention programs can be scaled up to benefit the masses.  When this occurs, we will all reap the rewards of living in a greatly improved society with far fewer social problems.

    VISION:  To see the horrendous statistics that the United States holds greatly reduced (e.g., significantly less high school dropouts, pregnant teenagers, incarcerated individuals, crime, substance abuse, et cetera) and the far majority of people flourish by realizing their dreams.

    In the United States, we have achieved great and wonderful things, but unfortunately we lead the world in too many of the world's worst records.  For example, more people are in our prisons than any other industrialized country, we have the largest high school dropout rate, teenage pregnancy is far too common and the list goes on and on.  Conversely, half of the world's billionaires and millionaires live in the United States.  Certainly without taking money away from existing programs which are diligently working to keep the current problems from getting worse, more resources can be put into prevention to address small problems before they become huge and expensive.  Then every dollar invested in prevention services will save monumentally in back end care and, most importantly, we will treat a lot more people much more humanely.  

    Many people are not being treated humanely because (a) we could be doing so much more to prevent when even one person suffers one social problem and (b) often times, there is a failure to see the link between one social problem and another.  Social problems are interrelated in that one leads to another and then another for a spiraling downward.  For example, child abuse leads to a runaway teenager which leads to substance abuse, prostitution and/or homelessness.  This spiraling effect can be turned around when enough wonderful programs can grow or scale up to benefit the masses.

   This organization is here to explain how: 
    (1) education is a key factor in reducing social problems;
    (2) we all can work in the direction of lessening social problems by learning, discussing and sharing
          this information; and
    (3) social problems will be reduced as more and more people understand the importance of prevention,
          join the prevention bandwagon and take action.  

     This website will be updated regularly.  Please feel free to bookmark it and return periodically.   Your time and consideration is greatly appreciated.

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Laura Seigel, M.S.W.
The Prevention Social Worker

Miami, Florida
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